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You kept searching for the best freelancer platforms and hoping to stick with it but plans always changing. The platform fee rises, account get suspended without reason, proposal outbid by another low-quality freelancer, etc. too many dramas. You need a place that cares about your benefits, and that’s TheRisr.

This is the flat rate we charge to support this community:

2.9% flat rate, forever

Low flat rate
means we care.

Freelancing takes time and effort to make a living, and we want to make our members easier. TheRisr offers the lower flat rate, no other hidden fees, plus tons of helpful resources on the way.

Knowledge is power, period.

Startups scales fast and technology evolves even faster. With TheRisr, you’re not alone. TheRisr constantly invites best authors, industry leaders, performance coaches, etc. to host the education webinar for our community members to learn, grow and have fun together. Moreover, sponsored resources are available for the members to utilize anytime.

As a community, together we protect us.

TheRisr platform is an open market that offers the maximum flexibility for both freelancers and startups, and safety is always our top priority. Therefore, we use the third-party payment system so that we don't store any banking or sensitive information on our website.

We encourage all users staying with TheRisr team together to make the place better, stronger and free from spam.

TheRisr Celebrity Badge.

How many times did you lose the proposal just because your bid is higher than average? TheRisr Celebrity Badge is designed to reward the freelancers who have worked with any companies with trackable outstanding records, and the shiny badge will be the company logo or achievement right next to your name. Sign up for the newsletter and be the first to get when available in 2022.

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A community focuses on Startups

Qualified talents specifically for startup projects

Probably less

No fee for the employer

Definitely not

Safe & secure site that don't store and share your credentials

Who knows?

Reliable support


"TheRisr is a real game-changer in this industry, they care freelancers and walk the walk. Since joining TheRisr, I saved more than $3000 per month in commission from other platforms."

Senior UI/UX designer

*3 months of beta testing result

Frequently asked questions

Solved mysteries from startups and freelancers.

TheRisr offers more than just a community gathering freelancers to work on your next big things. We proactively seeking top 3% industry gurus (verified) to join us and help startups reach the new height. What’s more? No fee*, forever!
*Employer subject to payment processing fee via Strip

We don’t charge any fees from startups/employers, however, they are subject to the payment processing fee through Stripe. For the freelancer, we charge a small flat rate of 2.9%.

TheRisr is an open platform and welcomes everyone regardless of race, sex, sexuality, political affiliation, etc. The answer is no, we don’t verify users identity, however, we do follow procedures to keep the community

  • 5-stars rating system for freelancers
  • Suspicious IP address detection and block
  • Suspicious spamming account flag and suspend
  • Multiple accounts detection
  • Verify users works to get TheRisr Badge ( 2022 )

TheRisr is built by the freelancer for freelancers, so we understand what’s important to them. Our goal is to construct a community that continuously helps the user grow, so we proactively seeking sponsored resources for the freelancers to develop themselves.

We are also working on inviting the best authors and industry leaders to host the webinar for TheRisr users to level-up together.

Currently, the payment is processed directly through Stripe, the safest & cheapest payment channel, and TheRisr doesn’t store any credit card information.

The rating is all based on startups/employers who have worked with that freelancer, so the review reflects the freelancer’s performance in general.We also deploy the technology to prevent the user from abusing the rating system.